The SFF Week in Links: Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part II, Joker

Welcome to the Week in Links, a roundup of the latest articles for fantasy, sci-fi and horror readers and writers.

Good news everyone! Spider-Man is back with the MCU. I’ve been avoiding seeing Far from Home because I heard it ended on a cliffhanger and it seemed it wouldn’t get resolved.

Apparently, movie theaters are bracing themselves for the Joker release. People believe the movie will inspire violence and they’re preparing. One theater is banning moviegoers from dressing like Joker. On the one hand, it seems they have credible evidence someone might try something. On the other hand, I’m reminded of when Trump tried to blame mass-shooting on violent video games and movies. Movies cost too much anyway so I hadn’t really planned on seeing Joker.


The Last of Us Part 2 Director on How Dogs Fill Combat With Tough Choices

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