If it allows to be stretch my creativity. I am there for it. Writing. Knitting. Photography. Playing in Photoshop. I’m an artist at heart.

I am also a Dark Fantasy writer. I can’t help but be one and believe me, I’ve tried. It seems no matter how far you run, your passion always catches up with you. I didn’t make the choice to be a writer, the stories made it for me. Dark Fantasy allows me to combine my two great loves- horror and fantasy. Darkness and dark things have always fascinated me. I’ve tried to write light or “normal” stories but you can’t make the stories into something they don’t want to be. Subtle creepy is beautiful. Without meaning to, all my stories deal with darkness in some way.

I was a little tired of fantasy and horror books turning brown-skinned people into the other, villains or cannon fodders. Or, they just ignore our existence. I write stories of brown characters with powers going on dark yet epic adventures.  I’ve published 14 books with Aubey LLC.

I have a Bachelor’s in English: Creative Writing, a Masters in Information and Library Science and I’ve studied Creative Writing in England. I also have an MS in Publishing from NYU.

Recently, I’ve gotten into nature photography and graphic design. The photos and designs often become the inspiration for a fantasy world.

african american fantasy authors

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The written word reaches into my soul and pulls out someone I didn’t know existed. They’re an escape. They somehow lift the weight of the world off my shoulders. I talk about them as though they’re alive. Well, a writer’s job is to make words come alive for you. I’ve been writing for ages and I’m still surprised by the things my mind creates. My mind has always been this vast other world, bottomless, where nothing is impossible. I love it!

Ever read a novel and wonder how in the world the author came up with that idea? Well, welcome to my blog. I’d liked to take you into the mind of a writer. Welcome to my soul.