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The Marked Hosts

Diverse fantasy ebook

She should’ve let his soul get eaten.

Contessa Torain’s job was simple. Talk humans out of blowing up her world because of a few rogue Brevia, soul-eaters. A moment of pure insanity leads her to save a child, Asamee Banks. The brat follows her home. He smells like her kind, only different. His existence creates a mystery it’s her responsibility to solve.

An attack on the humans leads Contessa and her companions to return home but it’s empty. Contessa’s family is missing. The dragon-like guardians of the land are dying. She only wants to find her family. The guardians care only about getting another body.

Devdan Manor

What haunts demons?
Expelled from his birthplace for a power he couldn’t control, Cyl Antun searches for a real home with his two siblings and longtime friend.
Darkness falls. Vicious nocturnal demons close in on them. A mansion appears. They rush inside to escape the night terrors. Strange markings cover the walls. A black void now surrounds this house. They’re trapped. The mansion is empty. Yet, they are not alone. 

Welcome to My World

Dark fantasy horror book on Amazon

Everything begins at the end. 

Lil “Furor” Aona never knew the world before the demons took over. Her race, the Bête Noir, fight them. The demons have always been their enemy. The world, however, isn’t so simple. To the humans, the Diras are benevolent. Humans see the Bête Noire as the abominations. Lil and her family know better. They’ve fought enough demons. The Diras want to destroy all humans. What’s their final plan? Will Lil ever find out?  

Building Dark Worlds: A World Building Guide

Dark worlds. They fascinate us, terrify us, even inspires us. Dark doesn’t always mean evil. It doesn’t always mean monsters and creepy landscapes. The world isn’t limited to landscapes and cityscapes. It involves people, life. This book explores the different aspects of creating a dark world. It gives you tips on building and populating a world that ensnares readers. 

-Why do we like dark fiction 
-Naming your world 
-Finding inspiration 
-Writing apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and dystopian stories 
-Creating a magic system 
-Writing Antiheroes/heroines and monsters 
-Map Making 
-and more

No Vacancy

Never underestimate the constricting power fear holds.

​Everyone in the city has a demon inside them. The monsters are submissive— for now. A barrier prevents them from infecting the world. Half-human, Trinny Bates escaped demon possession. She and her guardian can leave this dead city. So, why do they stay? 

Clipped Wings

Short Fantasy ebook on Amazon

What is worse- prison of the body or soul? 

Camin Barice and Jammary Surrette are held captive by those that now rule the worlds. One is forced into a life trapped in a windowless mansion where he can never use his wings. The other can travel, but her powers and memories belong to The Custodians. Even if the walls fell, would they be free?