It’s a living power made good or bad depending on who wields it. This energy lives in darkness, night and shadows. It grows in those hidden areas within you. The parts you don’t want anyone to see.

It gave Darkness life. They gave Darkness life.

Anyone can use this power but Darkness allows only a select few free access. These people went by many names over the years— gods, demons, avenging spirits. One name evolved and outlived the others.

They became the Sciell.

These are their stories.

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Non-western Fantasy horror story collection


The creatures were gone by the time they made it outside. Probably Manyt’s doing. The air seemed lighter. But, it still held a hint of bile. A staleness of old fruit and dead bodies.

Cassion pressed his palm to the door to close it completely. His silence surrounded them as he possessed the barriers around this area.

Manyt walked up beside Haylan. “You have to clean the rest.”

“You’ll have to carry me home.”

Manyt shrugged. “Not exactly a hardship. You’re small.” He curled the side of his mouth in a smirk.

When did his koto become a little monster?

“Just show me what I’m supposed to do.”

His smile fell. “You need to run the negative energy through your body. It’s going to be unpleasant. You’ll probably see some terrible memories. Absorb it however you want. I pull it in one hand and push it out the other. I tried breathing out the clean energy but it’s a slow process.”

Haylan lifted his dominant hand. He closed his eyes and imagined he was in the reading room with all his siblings and Talianiu. They weren’t doing anything special. Holding simple conversations. Playing games. Reading. This room was too small for all of them. Some were on the floor or practically sitting on each other while sharing a couch. Haylan suspected that was the reason they loved this room.

Haylan was on his couch by the cooling vent. Humans used this decorative hole in the room for fire. E’Sully never got cold enough for that. Cool energy sat in the hole. It sped throughout the room and the building. A nice breeze chilled the back of his neck. He was the oldest and was able to claim one of the best seats in the room. Cassion was in the other, stretched across a bench pressed against the only wide window. He had the best view.

His youngest sibling was cheating. She took advantage of her size and cute big eyes to curl up with Haylan. Her weight wasn’t comfortable since she was mostly muscle but he could never say no to her. That would need to change but not that moment.

Haylan could taste the drink sitting near his hand. Feel the refreshing air. Hear the low chatter and the beginning of an argument over the game. The room smelled like all of them, a comforting scent. Cassion was talking to his mind. They weren’t discussing anything important. Haylan mentioned, as an afterthought, how they should stop the building argument before it turned into a fight. Cassion was too comfortable and said to let the fight happen. They wouldn’t destroy the room or seriously hurt each other.

Haylan opened his eyes. The town became nothing more than a series of colors. Muddy, stomach-turning colors, representing all the terrible things his people poured into this area. A beautiful array of yellow and blues showed from behind him. His ancestor’s resting place glowed despite the negative emotions trying to choke it. More bright colors danced at the back of the town.

Haylan closed off his thoughts from his koto. How was Manyt still standing after cleaning so much?

He came prepared. Cassion said. He’ll probably pass out once we get home.

Haylan needed to talk to his koto when they returned to their gimu. He removed the wall between him and Manyt.

The town wasn’t too large and from what he could tell, didn’t extend into the mountain. The aura tasted as filthy as it looked. It was thick, especially the one inside the storage area.

Haylan commanded the negative energy into his palm. It moved like water through a blocked drain. He was Haylan Kahya. This land was his responsibility. Maybe E’Sully wasn’t a curse or a prison. Maybe, they were missing important information. He would not let this wound continue to hurt his E’Sully.

Lines of power shot out of his body, grabbed the muck and pulled. The dark energy burned as it touched his palm. It seared bone as it sank inside him, as memories made their way to his mind.


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