The Merging Worlds Series

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Darkness is alive. It has power.

Shade Harrellite tries to find herself beyond the bullied half-breed. After 5 years of pretending to be human, she returns to her hidden village, Raesul, a home that was never her home, only be punished for breaking the rules. She’s banished for a month.

Vayle Slaughter, her adopted brother and protector, leaves with her. He’s one of the most powerful Del’Praeli in the village. To him, keeping Shade safe and happy is his only job. But she doesn’t need him the way she used to. He doesn’t have a purpose if he’s not her protector.

Soon, her people begin to act more violent, more like animals. Some escape to human cities to feed. Someone behind the scenes is helping Darkness take over Raesul and letting these new monsters loose on the world.

Somehow, Shade and Vayle aren’t affected. They soon uncover the dark lies behind their village. They unravel the twisted truths behind their pasts and powers. Maybe Raesul’s destruction will show them their true selves. Darkness is changing. The world will suffer.

Book 2: Chains of the Sciell

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Darkness is growing up. Now, It has new masters and they’re starving.

A mysterious Plague swept through the land. Walls of Darkness now surround cities around the world. Supplies are low. Prices are high. Still, humans survive. For Sciell and Miners, Lifeblood beings, the new Darkness won’t let them touch their power source without punishment.

How can they draw the power they need to survive? Their Lifeblood evolves. These beings can now see auras. Connections only existed between two beings. Now, these family bonds form between most Sciell. They can feel the other’s need no matter the distance. If one is enraged, the other becomes infected with that same anger. They always have someone else in their heads. They share power.

Divine Mathews, Josephine Royal, Blea and Aliceanna Carlton’s connections told them they weren’t alone. The connections felt like home. These four know they’re different. They can do things…see things. They don’t know why. They become trapped inside Midnight Prysn- a twisted mansion created to keep them weak. Divine, Royal, Blae and Aliceanna finally meet those they’re connected to. Only, they feel like they’ve met before.

As Midnight Prysn’s new residents regain their memories, they realize these connections aren’t just a source of comfort. They can be chains.

Book 3: The Lost Sciell

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Darkness is stronger. Nights are longer. The world is crueler. The danger is closer.

The Masters of Darkness are slowly turning Jael into a land filled with horrors. The air is poison to humans. Nature isn’t kind. Lifeblood beings thought they were safe. They were wrong.

Divine Mathews and his family are reunited only to discover the danger is far worse than they thought. Humans drowning in fear create weapons to kill all Lifeblood beings. Brielle are always lurking in the background, ready to strike. New, ancient and powerful beings arrive. The Sciell soon discover the origin of their power.

War has begun.

These threats bring Divine and his family closer together as they travel the land, searching for a safe place to live.

Can they survive this terrible world or will one of them become lost forever?