I would not call myself a hardcore gamer. I don’t do the whole duel screen thing and the only system I own is a DS but I do love playing video games and can spend hours in front of a computer or a gaming console which is why I try to avoid them.  

I play video games- I don’t do anything else like… study. 

 I lived on my brother’s PS3 Move when I spent Christmas with my family and was geeking out when I saw Castlevania was available for the PS3.  So, I am totally geeking out about the Nintendo 3DS which is being released March 27, well- not totally because although I like Nintendo, they do have a tenancy to produce these innovate gaming systems and stack them with a bunch of unpleasing games.

Even still, I am excited about the 3DS and nearly freaked when I saw Resident Evil and Zelda were some of the planned 3D games. I was all set to preorder the system until I say that although the3DS is being released on March 27, Resident Evil in 3D won’t be until July and Zelda doesn’t even have a release date. Now I’m not sure I want to preorder it.

The only games being released on or around March 27 are ones I have no interest in except for Ridge Racer, Asphalt, Rayman and Steel Driver also Tom Clancy’s: Shadow War and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. I just thought of something. If I preorder, this would be the first time I bought a game without user reviews. Spending $40 on a game without knowing whether or not its good, hmmm. I supplemented user reviews by watching videos of the games on YouTube. 

I know I just defeated my own argument by listing 6 games that look interesting but seriously, I had my heart set on Zelda and Resident Evil. Can you imagine these games in 3D?! Still debating on buying it though. Don’t want to buy a 3DS and it turns into another Wii. But, I think writing this post has made up my mind. Check out the video below for more about the 3DS.