Adventures to be had

I could continue with Europe and Italy but going in order is no fun so we’re leaving Italy for awhile and venturing closer to home. Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is a splendid place to get away from the noise. If you want to relax on a nice quiet beach or take a stroll and see nature unspoiled visit Hilton Head Island. My mother and I went in 2009 as mother-daughter trip. She drove which I don’t recommend unless you love driving. We left DC for a 9-10 hour trip. It wasn’t even a scenic trip, just rows of trees and the same cars for miles.

But even so, it was worth the drive because Hilton Head Island has tons of thrift stores and consignment shops. Since I was moving in a couple of months, we raided those stores and found some great items. Among other things, I bought a nice wooden chair for $10 and a set of matching plates and bowls for $7. It was a pity we didn’t have more room because we found a writing desk for about $30.

Not only does Hilton Head Island have some great shopping but it’s beautiful. We stayed in The Village at Palmetto Dunes which was walking distance from the gorgeous and calming sandy beach. Even though we traveled in the summer, the beach wasn’t packed.

At the Sea Pines Resort, you can spend the day walking around the Forest Preserve, hike or bike through their gorgeous landscape or just shop. You don’t have to stay at the resort to partake of the nature preserve and the shopping. For a reasonable fee, you can get a day pass that you leave on the dashboard of your car and stay all day in the resort. It is massive. You can spend hours walking around and just discovering new places. Some places though, are just too far to walk. (I did say the place was massive). Bikes were like cars and there were lanes for people with people-sized stop signs. It was hilarious. A bit closer to where we were staying was the Jazz Corner. We listened to some bands I’d never heard of but were fantastic and got our picture taken for their newsletter.

This video contains the last pictures my camera from England ever took. I took it to the beach, got some awesome pictures then dropped it in the sand. It was never the same after that. Pity.