America’s Most Wanted

I was intending this post to be about FAFSA but I decided to talk about recent events. I know right- how many people today haven’t blogged about bin Laden. I won’t be focusing on bin Laden’s death but President Obama.The hatred towards this man is unbelievable. People no longer respect the position he holds.  Obama could cure every deadly disease known to man and people would still say he hasn’t done enough. After 8 years of Bush, people should be doing back flips everyday since we actually have an intelligent man in office.

Republicans constantly said Obama could not keep the country safe and yet he manged to find and kill bin Laden. I bet a week from now people will have forgotten all about this and go back to saying Obama is the worst President in history. This- I have been struggling with. Obama has held himself with far more class then some of his critics. The economy may not be what it was but at least it’s not what it used to be. What, people expect him to just wave his hand and the whole country would be fixed. Do people believe Obama can just pull money out the air? No-they think he’s some super hero who can be in several places at once or someone who can speak miracles into people’s lives.  He is just a man people. Just because you haven’t seen the results you’d like doesn’t mean Obama’s sitting on his hands.

I feel so bad for him. He has not made half the mistakes Bush made but is facing ten times the hatred. And even after all this time, he has not stooped to the level of his critics. Do you have any idea how much strength that takes. When someone starts cursing you out, your instinctive reaction is to, probably, curse them out or hit them, especially if they’ve been screaming at you 24/7. People have thoroughly disrespected this man but he keeps pushing on despite it.

Now, I like Ed Schultz on MSNBC. Love his show, The ED Show, and I follow him on Twitter but he really annoyed me awhile ago when he criticized Obama for not being in Wisconsin supporting those fighting for worker’s rights. This has stuck with me for quite some time. I understand wholeheartedly how important unions are and how monstrous it is for someone to think it’s okay to toy with worker’s rights but Obama can’t just stop working on set in problems because a new one has emerged and if he did, people would still criticize him. 

I’m not saying you should agree with everything Obama has done because I don’t. Obama himself admitted to making mistakes. What I am really scared about is that despite all the work Obama is doing, history is going to write him off as incompetent and Bush will be the savior of our world. I feel bad for Obama because no matter what he does, it is never enough. I would really like to be proven wrong.