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I write because I have to. I feel I’m missing something important if I don’t. Plots, dialogues, conflicts, resolutions, character personalities, endings overrun my mind and won’t let me concentrate on anything else until expressed. I see a tree or a structure and think how perfect it would fit in my story. I read or hear a name I like and instantly think it would make a great name for a character.

I’ve never been into meditation- delving inside myself to find the deeper meaning of me. I know it’s important but my mind can’t concentrate like that so, I write. Through this blog, I’ve discovered so much about myself. I know more about what I like, what I don’t, why and what I’m good at. I’ve gotten some insight into how my mind works which was something I’d never been able to do.

I write because emotions are complicated. You can see my heart through my stories. I’m not writing what’s on my mind or even what’s bothering me. I descend into my stories. Problems come with me but they’re transformed. They become a source of power not pain. When I reluctantly climb out, the problems seem less important. While I’m writing about a character, pieces of me pour through my fingers and weaves itself into the page. Writing is a release of negative thoughts- doubts- fears and an expression of desires- dreams- wishes I’d never admit to or even knew I had.

I’ve heard said a story is not only a look into the lives of the character but also the mind of the author. I can attest to that.

Have you ever read a story and reached the end completely and utterly blown away by how spectacular it was, how beautiful it was even if it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns? Or read a character that embodies you so thoroughly you feel better because they exist, even though you know they aren’t real? Or a story where a world so magnificently constructed sucks you in, grabs hold of whatever is bothering you and pulls it into itself so you feel lighter when you finish? I dream of evoking those types of emotions in my readers.

I write because words break through the shell and bring to the surface a person even I didn’t know existed but would like to be.

Dark Rose by loonyface


L.J. Kentowski · May 14, 2011 at 1:18 am

What a great heartfelt post! You've read my mind and touched my heart. Thanks.

Rhi · May 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm


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