So everyone, well almost everyone, has been talking about Pottermore. It’s Harry Potter related- that’s all anyone knew for sure. I heard it was going to be an Augment Reality Game which would have been really interesting. J.K Rolwing announced today on Youtube what Pottermore is.

First of all, what a great video. I like how they used the book to create pictures.

Pottermore is like social media for Harry Potter fans or maybe it’s similar to Second Life. Anyway, how cool is that? What a spectacular idea! Releasing any more Harry Potter books would destroy the series but no one wants to see HP go. Pottermore is a great way to keep HP alive, not that it needs much help. Pottermore will ease the sting you’ll feel after watching HP7 Part 2 and realize no more new Harry Potter will be released.

A lot of people, including me, have practically grown up with the series. I’m about to turn 26 and have been reading HP since I was like 13 or 14. No other characters have been in my life that long. HP has been and will always be my favorite series. I’ve read a lot of well-written books but none of them spurred excitement in me as much as HP does. I own all 7 books and reread them more often than any other book in my collection. I hear a lot of people saying HP got them back into reading which, in of itself, is awesome. The last four books are about 700 pages but because they are so well written and so engaging, no one really cares.

Pottermore is not up and running yet but check out the website at http://www.pottermore.com/. I’m so excited to see what this involves. I’m glad now, after July, I’ll have more Harry Potter to look forward to. Now I just have to find a countdown gadget for Pottermore.

Also, I just saw a website with pictures of what Pottermore might look like. Check out Harry Potter Review.  

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  1. So am I! It's a brilliant way to keep Harry Potter fresh and excite fans well after the last movie is released.

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