Captain America: The First Avenger 3D

All the movies I’ve seen this summer have been amazing but they were placeholders for HP7 Part 2. You know, something to tie me over. Since seeing HP, I’ve lost interest in any other movie. I’d forgotten all about Captain America. I saw it simply because it was something to do. Totally wrong way of thinking.

I grossly underestimated the popularity of this movie. I’ve been buying my tickets through the Fandango App so I’ve never had a problem with sold out shows. I was surprised too see Captain America was sold out until like 7pm and was even more surprised when most of the seats in the theater were taken. I had to sit in the front.

This shouldn’t have surprised me. I’ve never read a Captain America comic but I’ve read plenty that feature him and…the man is amazing, a really impressive character and, from what I gathered, a lot of comic book heroes look up to him. So, like I said, I was in the wrong frame of mind going into this movie.

But once Captain America started, it all changed. The movie was amazing. What I loved most- despite Rogers getting ginormous muscles, he still had to prove himself. The army didn’t automatically accept him once he was buff which shows that big muscles are useless if you don’t have the heart to back it up. The movie implied this heavily without being too preachy or overemotional. Rogers was a big man with and without the muscles. If he had self-confidence issues he hid them well. It seemed as if nothing could keep him down.

The movie had some hilarious moments. I’m tempted to tell you about one because it was so awesome but you have to see the movie for yourself. I’m thinking of it now and can’t stop smiling. Loved the character interaction especially between Rogers and Bucky and Rogers and Peggy. Colonel Chester Phillips, played by Tommy Lee Jones, was, at the beginning, more infuriating than Hydra but not in a bad way. He was meant to make the audience want to kick him in the teeth. The men Rogers chose to be on his team were completely insane, I loved it! Red Skull was just there to show how amazing Captain America was. (Am I the only who sees Hugo Weaving in a movie and goes “Mr. Anderson”?) The weapons he created were far more impressive and intimidating then he was. The ending fight between Red Skull and Captain America wasn’t spectacular but that was fine. The characters carried the movie well.

I have to say, I prefer Captain America’s costume from the comic. I didn’t like it in the movie. The costumes are about the same so maybe it just doesn’t translate well to a live-action movie. The shield was awesome though. Also, Captain America had some good 3D moments but for the most part… save your money. The movie was spectacular in plot and character. It didn’t need to be in 3D. 

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