The To-Read List

I just looked at my bookshelf and went down my to-read list and man are there a lot of books on that list. After Hands on the Freedom Plow-which is spectacular, I’ll be finishing up Dark Delicacies edited by Del Howard and Jeff Gelb. I stopped reading Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned because every chapter was a different character out of nowhere and it was getting annoying but I’ll be giving it another try. I like Anne Rice. I’ve really wanted to read Lynn Flewelling’s Luck in the Shadows but I kept passing it over. I don’t particularly like owning books I haven’t read so I’ll definitely be reading that one soon. I’ve had Storm Constantine’s Wreaththu on my shelf for like forever too My mother just passed on to me Robin Owens’ Heart Change  which sounds pretty interesting. I might have to move that up on my list. Then, there are the books I’d love to read but don’t own. Now that list is long.

What I need to do is stop buying books. I usually see a new book I like, get it and become so excited about it I stop reading the book I was currently working through. This has happened so much I’ve ended up with far too many half read books. But I just can’t help it. There are so many good books out there. How can I possibly stick to just one?! I need to treat books the way I treat writing my stories. Do not move to another one until finish the one I’m reading. Who am I kidding? I really don’t work on one novel at a time. I’ve simply figured out a way to give one novel more attention than others so I can finish it.

I’ve tried avoiding the bookstore because every time I go I see something else I want to read but I’m a lover of books so, you know, the bookstore is like my all time favorite place. I especially love the Union Square Barnes and Noble in New York. Now they’re letting you sit in a corner and read undisturbed. How cool is that!  I can’t resist going there and just hanging out- around the fantasy and horror section of course, sometimes taking a dip in a graphic novel or a manga. 

I just read about Stephen Jones’ A Book of Horrors at Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews. As I’ve said in other posts, I love horror but haven’t read a good chilling book in a long time so I’m always on the look out. It seems A Book of Horrors may be just the book I’ve been looking for. I’m gonna have to check it out when it’s released.

The to-read list is its own exciting adventure. Its like a challenge and I say bring it on.

4 thoughts on “The To-Read List

  1. My TBR pile is really getting out of control. I usually read two to three books at a time to help get through it. I never get caught up though–probably because I don't stop buying books!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one! I've tried reading more than one book at once but it doesn't work out. I need a better system.

  3. Imagine watching two movies at the same time. It requires a lot of energy. Reading several books at the same time requires the same. Why not try reading one book at a time.

  4. I've tried reading one book at a time but I always get distracted by another book. I can't help it. I like reading…a lot.

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