I know naming comes with the job description but man, is it difficult. It’s harder than writing the story and editing it. When creating a world, you sometimes need a new name for everything- cities, villages, races, stores, houses, rooms, professions- everything. On top of that, you can’t name your characters something normal without a really good reason. But, names are extremely important and need to be given a lot of thought. You cannot do it if you don’t know your world and characters as if they’re your best friends.

I’ve been trying to come up with a name for my race of creatures. A couple of days ago, I sat down surrounded by Dictionary.com, a print dictionary, a print thesaurus and my journal and started jotting down words that described them. I was close to coming up with a name when it hit me…the first of the race aren’t the type to name themselves. They love being what they are; they just don’t care what they’re called. They’re extremely powerful so no ones dumb enough to call them out of their names.

But, my search will not go in vain. Though the first ones wouldn’t name themselves, others of the same race would; smaller communities living in isolation. So, my race of creatures won’t have one name but many (as if writing wasn’t hard enough).

And, I finally know what I’m going to call their Power!


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