Another Social Media -_-

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It’s a good thing I’m a nerd. So, I’ve been hearing a lot about Pinterest. This is supposed to be a great tool for writers and publishers. Seriously, it comes up all the time! So, Pinterest is now added to the many Social Medias I’m active on. Pause while bang my head against the nearest brick wall.

No, I’m just kidding. Pinterest is awesome! 

I’m a very visual person. When I want a river to be in my story I find pictures, using Google Images, that speak to my story, print them out and staple them in my world building journal. I can now use Pinterest instead. No wasted toner, no wasted paper. Since there’s an app for that, I can look at the pictures whenever I need them. I’m also using it to collect covers of Dark Fantasy books. Already, I’m noticing a trend. Big plus, I can link it with Facebook and Twitter so I don’t need to remember another password!
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