Mark Your Own Path

 I’ve read often how important it is for writers to have a blog. I was glad because I enjoy blogging but recently, I came across an article where a writer said it was a wast of time. I started thinking am I spending too much time on something that’ll do nothing to promote my brand and eventually my book?

There are so many books and articles and blogs on how to be successful writers. I automatically assume their rules are law because they’re published or work in the industry. The language is like you need to do this to be successful. If you don’t follow every one of these rules it’s likely you won’t get published.

I stopped writing for awhile because the path to getting published was taking all the fun out of working on my novel. The information is useful but in the end, it was slowly freaking me out. It was driving me up a wall especially when one advice contradicted the other. Talk about information overload. So sad since my Masters is in Library and Information Science. I’m trained to make sense out of information but I was drowning in it.

Then, I thought about outlining. No matter how many times I read professionals saying we need to outline our novels, no matter how solid their argument is, I am not going to do it. I tried it, doesn’t work for me. No matter how I many times I read advice telling me to write for a market or I won’t make money off my book, I’m not going to do it.

While thinking about this post, I gave myself permission to mark my own path. You know what, I feel so much better. I’ll do things to get my book published and promote it because I feel I need to do it and not simply because someone said I need to do it.

I mean I’ve marked my own path in every other aspect of my life, why would getting published be any different? If you think about it, a career as a writer requires quite a lot of bravery and determination. Marking your own path seems small in comparison to years of your book, your baby, being ripped into by strangers. We’re trying to get published now when, because of technology, no one really knows what the industry or even the book will look like years from now. All they know is things will be very different. It’s frightening when you think about it but despite that, writers are still trying to get published.

At least that’s how I see it. 😉

6 thoughts on “Mark Your Own Path

  1. I think blogging or having a website must be good because many agents and publishers now require it. That must mean something, right?

  2. Interesting. I knew it was strongly recommended but I didn't know some required us to have a blog or website. Makes sense though.

  3. I have read online MANY places that publishers and agents do not require a blog. Maybe you need a platform if you are nonfiction, but not fiction writers. I read someone say once that the people who read your blog are reading "you," but if you are a fiction writer than your true reader isn't reading "you," but reading your character and story. So, if you are a fiction writer, I would say you don have to worry bout it!

    I have begun to change my blog approach and I'm no longer talking about writing on my blog. It spends to much effort. I'm talking about other things. So it's good to see writer's "checking themselves" as far as where their energy goes!

  4. Just remember that, when it comes to scribing, the rules is not etched in stone. Certain styles work for people. Because it works for them they sometimes feel that it's the best way to approach writing. Look at everything on being a better writer, published by other writers,as SUGGESTIONS only. Take what you think works for you and dump the rest. Successful writers are only a road map for you. You can always take a different road if you think that the road that they paved does not meet your travel requirements. You are a writer and will some day pave roads for others to follow. So, do it your way because in the end, regardless of what your writing turns out to be, it will always be yours.

  5. Do it your way. You will feel much better and have fun at the same time. Life is supposed to be fun you know.

  6. Great post! I've noticed that since I have been keeping a blog, I have been writing less…much less. Instead of staring at a sheet of paper trying to come up with conflicts and characters, I sit at the keyboard writing blogs and commenting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being part of the virtual writing world. But at some point something has to give. Good luck!

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