Review: Thor: The Dark World 3D

So much better than the first one. Not the most original plot. It still worked. You know what I love about fantasy and sci-fi movies? The worlds. We get this gorgeous picture of imaginary worlds. I mean, Asgard was amazing.

 Now, was it as good as Avengers? Meh. It had a good balance of humor and serious moments. The cast wasn’t as dynamic. We were in Asgard more, but we didn’t really get into new characters. The movie showed Thor’s Warriors Three, but they were just bodies. That being said, after the beast that was Avengers, Thor wasn’t a letdown.     

There wasn’t much witty banter except when Loki was involved. Those scenes more than made up for the other characters being so serious. We got to see more Loki being Loki. How can that be a bad thing? It’s really interesting. Loki is a bad guy. He destroyed most of NYC, yet I can’t hate him. His lines are too funny. Seriously, he’s like the coolest guy in Asgard. Well, besides Heimdall. He has the best eyes ever. His coolness doesn’t just come from his eyes, though.

Then, there was the Queen- Frigga. She. Was. Epic. I barely remember the first Thor. It wasn’t that impressive. I don’t know if she handled a sword in that one. She did in Thor: The Dark World. I did not expect it. She went in. I’m a sucker for strong female characters. She knew how to handle herself. When she started swinging that blade…that was an epic scene.

Speaking of strong female characters, I’d like to have seen more of Sif. The snippets we got of her were pretty awesome. I wanted more.

Since we were getting more of Jane Foster, I was afraid Thor would be overflowing with sickening romantic scenes. I didn’t see this movie for the romance. I really didn’t want it in there. Thor and Jane had their mushy moments, but the movie kept it short.

Those two didn’t reach the “I’m going to throw up” point. I am so happy for that. I didn’t care for Jane at the beginning. But, by the end of the movie, she kind of grew on me. I wouldn’t say I like her, but she doesn’t annoy me anymore. She punched Loki. That was kinda hardcore.

The movie can’t just survive on awesome characters. It needs a bad guy. The Dark Elves weren’t impressive. They were after the Aether, which is like the best “weapon” ever. But, I didn’t understand why. They had no personality. They were just there to attempt to destroy the Nine Realms and caused drama between the main cast.

As someone who writes dark fantasy, you can’t just call something that wants to plunge the world into darkness, Dark Elves. Can you say obvious? I know that’s not the movie’s fault. Just had to throw that out there. The “Dark” name can be effective. In this movie, it wasn’t.

Ever since the Joker in The Dark Knight and Loki in Avengers, I’ve come to expect more from my bad guys. They just can’t be there to move the plot along. Seriously, the Dark Elves were like drones. I got nothing from them. The movie hinted at this “friendship” between two of them. It could have delved into that. I wanted to know more about them. However, their ships were epic.

Now, I have to mention this. They had a scene where Thor was shirtless or armor-less. I am a female and Thor is hot, but did they really need that? Come on. Why was that in there?

Thor: The Dark World had its good 3D moments. About halfway through, I forgot it was in 3D. But, for me, it was worth it just to watch the Captain America preview in 3D. That was epic.

I was never a fan of the red cape. Thor worked it.

Marvel is seriously cranking out some epicness. The previews were almost as enjoyable as the movie.

The preview in the movie was way better. I couldn’t find it.

I like X-Men. I had given up on anyone making a good movie about these awesome mutants until I saw this trailer.

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