Another Year Gone: 2014 of Awesomeness

Happy New Year! 

I’ve got some big things coming up this year.

  1. Aubey LLC, my publisher and boss, will be at the American Library Association Conference. I’ll be there too- helping out with the booth. 
  2. My first novel, The Sciell, will be released March 10!
  3. Book signing at BEA
  4. Publishing more short stories
  5. If all goes well, the second novel in The Merging Worlds Trilogy will be published at the end of the year.
  6. I’ll find a career outside of writing. I know I want to do freelance, but I don’t know what or how. 
That’s me. What are you looking forward to this year?
For all you anime fans out there, Sword Art Online is coming back! This is an awesome way to start out the Nerd Year. SAO is one of my favorite series. I can’t wait!