Darkness isn’t evil, just angry

There’s a cage. One made of pure Darkness. It exists inside us all. We control what goes into this Dark Prison, but not what comes out. For years, we’ve stuffed into this steel void parts of ourselves we don’t like, horrible things others have done to us, unacceptable things we have done.

For years, these things have been despised. People fail to realize the raw power within these neglected parts. They’re alive and they’re angry. We, as the Sciell, can now see them. We feel the power. In exchange for magnificent strength, we give them what all prisoners wish for: escape…and revenge.

 The print version of The Sciell- Book 1 of The Merging Worlds Trilogy is available for pre-order through Amazon! I can’t believe my book is coming about in a little over a week. I’m releasing it an a ebook as well by March 11. The file is still being converted by Book Baby. I’ll keep you posted.

Pre-order it here


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