Character Family Tree

Writing and world building aren’t the only fun you can have while crafting a story. It’s funny. I never would’ve gotten into Photoshop if I hadn’t jumped out of my comfort zone and went the non-traditional route to publish my stories. I didn’t think about Photoshop until I realized it’d be cheaper to make my own book images.

I’m not saying the non-traditional route is the way to go. Try jumping out of your comfort zone once in a while. You never know what you’ll discover.

Since I started selling my books, I stopped seeing writing as fun. It’s not torture, either. It’s just something I do. I still love world building. For actual writing, I’ve been working out of habit. I’ve been writing so long that I can’t stop even if I wanted to.

 It’s nice to find something else in this process that I enjoy.

I’ve been in a rush to finish all my book images before I go home for Christmas. Won’t be bringing my desktop with me. I’ll only have Photoshop on a computer that can’t handle it.

I mentioned before that I’m including a family tree in each book. Here’s the one from The Sciell.

Here’s the one for Chains of The Sciell. Don’t worry. The “deceased” label doesn’t give away the story. Those characters were dead before the series started.