The Week in Links 3/6/15

Writing and Publishing

Mythic Scribes: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Descriptions – Part 1
GalleyCat: Children’s Books Authors Protest Against Assigning Genders to Books

“Let’s be clear: I do not talk about ‘girl’ stuff. I do not talk about body parts. I do not do a ‘Your Menstrual Cycle and You!’ presentation. I talk about books and writing, reading, rejections and moving through them, how to come up with story ideas. But because I’m a woman, because some of my books have pictures of girls on the cover, because some of my books have ‘princess’ in the title, I’m stamped as ‘for girls only.’ However, the male writers who have boys on their covers speak to the entire school.”

Tor Book: “A mind needs books.”
C.D. Verhoff: Poor Proofreading Makes For Eyebrow-Raising Headlines
Jami Gold: The Perils of a “Dead” Genre
Jami Gold: How to Punch Up a Blurb or Query
Kameron Hurly: How Book Titles Turn Browsers into Readers
Amazing Stories: How Writers See Themselves…And How Others See Them…
GalleyCat: Warren Adler Discusses the Future of Publishing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Examiner: 5 Pinterest Image Styles That People Love to Share
Social Media Examiner: 8 Ways to Improve Social Shares for Your Blog
Business Insider: YouTube seems to be slipping, but it’s actually well-positioned to take on the rise of Facebook, Vine, and Snapchat
The Creative Penn: Marketing Vs Sales With Jim Kukral
Customer Think: Top 5 Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Small Business In 2015


io9: A New J.K. Rowling Bibliography Unearths Harry Potter Secrets
io9: This Disturbing Post-Apocalyptic Cartoon Won A Danish Academy Award [Video]
The Galaxey Express: #BlackWomenAuthors of Sci-Fi Romance Women SFF Artists Redesign Female Characters and the Results Are Fantastic
TalkToYoUniverse: Genre and Description – a Dive into Worldbuilding hangout summary with VIDEO

Admit it. How many times have you watched Marvel’s Avenger Age of Ultron Trailer 3? I’m going on 4. Still got chills.

io9: The 15 Weirdest Super Sentai Giant Robots
Biong Boing: Meet The InHumans
Business Insider: How to Get A Job Making Video Games, According to Recruiters
Business Insider: Samsung has designed a $39,000 high-tech doghouse with a treadmill and hot tub
Engaget: State of VR: Sony’s Project Morpheus in 2015