The Week in Links 6/19/15 E3, Jurassic World Impressions, A Book’s Worth, Snape, Gambit

Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last
MIND MELD: Judging a Book by Its Cover

Video Games and The Girl at Midnight– “video games were my best teacher”

In Self-Publishing, The Gatekeepers Are Dead. Long Live The Gatekeepers!

Channing Tatum confirms Gambit won’t be in X-Men: Apocalypse I love Gambit. I really can’t picture Channing Tatum doing him justice. I don’t have a problem with Tatum as an actor. I just can’t see it. 

The top 5 video games at E3 2015

30 Ultimately Effective Social Media Tools For Writers

On the Charleston Church Shooting. Well said Jon Stewart.

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