The Week In Links 6/26/15 Spider-Man, Comic Book Movies, J.K. Rowling & Harry Potter

Lights Out Headed For The Big Screen
Constructive Storytelling: Why Horror is Good For You, Part Two
Telling Stories About Magic In A World Of Science
Come With Me If You Want To See Some Insane Terminator Concept Art!
J.K. Rowling Reveals Why the Dursleys Don’t Like Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling on the Symbolism Behind Dumbledore and Hagrid’s Names
See the boy who lived, live in new play ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’

A Discussion of Horror?

AuthorBuzz Founder M.J. Rose’s Best Practices for Marketing
What to Write About To Get The Audience You’ve Dreamed Of
Q&A On Writing, Self Publishing And Book Marketing
10 Things I Know for Sure About Book Marketing

New Research: The Best Time to Tweet for Clicks, Retweets, and Replies

You probably noticed a new tab at the top of the page. I compiled links from previous Book Marketing and Branding sections and put them on the Book Marketing/Promo page. I’ll continue adding links to that page.

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