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I noticed certain industry professionals share their content several times. I don’t mean in one day. I mean over the course of a week. Also, they share other people’s content- articles written sometimes 2 or 3 years ago.

You’ve probably heard the term evergreen content. It’s content that doesn’t go out of date.

“The term “evergreen” sounds familiar even to the non-marketing ear because evergreen trees (usually the pine or fir variety) are often used to decorate homes at Christmas. The evergreen tree is a symbol of perpetual life because they retain their leaves throughout the seasons, rather than shedding. Like the trees, evergreen content is considered sustainable and lasting.” (What is Evergreen Content?)

Watching those industry professionals share “old” content gave me an idea. I went through my blog posts, all of them, and found content with a lot of pageviews and that weren’t dated. Some of those post I wrote in 2013. I shared them on Twitter since I’ve been getting some good engagement on that social network.

Most of the posts received a good number of retweets and favorites. The pageviews for all those posts increased.

I’m turning most of those posts into a book. I can skip a day of blogging and my daily pageviews won’t go down. That’s due, in part, to my evergreen content.

“From a blog management standpoint, evergreen content is more effective than date-oriented content, as it can be written once and enjoyed by many different readers over time. Publishing evergreen content diminishes the workload on blog managers, as these posts can be re-run in the future while still providing value to the audience at large.” (What is Evergreen Content and Why Should You Care?)

It can be both easy and hard to write evergreen content. For us, we could give writing advice. Most of that never gets old. All my evergreen content deals with books and writing (mostly world building). The problem, you’re not the only author giving writing advice. Creating evergreen content is difficult for fiction writers.

I tend to focus my writing tips on the horror and dark fantasy genre. For fantasy writers, you can talk about world building.  I get a lot of traffic from people wanting to know how to come up with names for their fantasy world. My Naming Your Fantasy World post is still popular. I wrote that in 2013.

If you find you’re good at writing dialogue, give some tips on that topic. If you’re a published author, talk about your path to publishing. Newbie authors never get tired of reading about how writers became authors.

The content doesn’t have to be writing advice. I do posts on mythical creatures. That’s evergreen. Find a way to connect long-lasting content with your genre or brand.

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