I’m entering my last semester of grad school…again. When the summer hits, I’ll hopefully have my Masters in Publishing: Digital and Print from NYU! Need to get through my final grad school project first. The Lost Sciell: Book 3 of The Merging Worlds series is coming out in June. A lot is going on.

Mastermind Blog Hop
Myself and some amazing blog friends are doing a “Letter to My Younger Self” Blog Hop on January 25th. What kind of advice are we going to give our younger selves? I’m still trying to work out mine. It’s coming together. Our last blog hop, #BookLuvHop, was amazing. We celebrated Book Lovers Day by talking about why we love books. This hop will be just as awesome. So much fun. Look out for that!!! Follow our hashtag #Gr8blogs to get some awesome content.

A Celebration of Author’s Blog Hop Hunt

I’m participating in my first online scavenger hunt in February!

With a click you will be magically transported on your way to an author’s blog or webpage and from there you will look for the A Celebration of Author’s post and who knows, if you stay long enough you might have access to exclusive content or a giveaway. Oh, and did I forget to mention the Blog Hop Hunt bundle prize when you finally reach the end.

A Celebration of Author’s Hunt will run for a week, showcasing a variety of authors and genres as you take a journey of discovery .” (ACOA Blog Hop Hunt)

Yay, fun. Click the link above to find out more info!!

Virtual FantasyCon 2016

Last year, I participating in the first fantasy con to take place entirely on Facebook and it was awesome!!! It’s a free event open to those interested in fantasy, sci-fi and horror. I spoke on a panel, connected with some great authors, sold some books, ran some giveaways.

It’s happening again this year!! You can be apart of it.

Virtual FantasyCon is an online event showcasing those who are part of the Fantasy community. It is exactly like a regular convention, except it is free, you don’t have to travel, and you can participate from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have a wi-fi connection.

It takes place over a span of eight days in Facebook events, allowing members of the Fantasy community to connect with Fantasy fans from around the world.”

How does it work? The author’s booth is a Facebook post published by the admin on the day of the event. It includes your bio and a link to your Facebook page. You interact with people through the comment section by asking and answering questions, running a giveaway, posting videos, images, book excerpts… anything you want.

Here’s the schedule:
Sun, October 9th – Epic/Sword & Sorcery (Includes High Fantasy)
Mon, October 10th – Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy/Time-Travel
Tue, October 11th – Fairytale/Punk (Includes all versions of Punk)
Wed, October 12th – Paranormal/Urban
Thu, October 13th – Series/Short Stories (Includes all subgenres of Fantasy Series & Collections/Anthologies of Short Stories)
Fri, October 14th – Dystopian/Apocalyptic
Sat, October 15th – Dark/GrimDark/Horror
Sun, October 16th – Children/YA Fantasy

The event is so much more than author booths. There’s a scavenger hunt, a cosplay booth, lots of giveaways and more.

Last year, I participated on one day– Dark Tuesday. This year, I signed up for Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy/Time-Travel; Dystopian/Apocalyptic; and Dark/GrimDark/Horror.

This is a great networking event.

Sign up now, it’s free!

I’m now a contributor to Shutterstock, stock photos, and The Book Cover Designer, premade book covers!

What’s new with you?


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