Moorigad: Complete Age of the Hybrid Series by Debra Kristi

Title: Moorigad: Complete Age of the Hybrid Series
Author:Debra Kristi
Genre: Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy

When Kyra, the Moorigad dragon-shifter, unwittingly finds herself at Mystic’s Carnival, a supernatural world between realms, she believes her runaway days are finished. Amidst the carnies and never-ending magic, she finds a home of the heart – friends and belonging among a gathering of paranormal beings. However, living an uncomplicated life was never one of Kyra’s strengths.

She’s falling for her all-too-secretive best friend, Sebastian. And as she delves deeper into his mysteries, her goodwill sabotages their future and her very existence.

What did Kyra do?

Can Kyra and Sebastian find their happily-ever-after?

In this action-packed, fantasy romance about two coming-of-age would-be lovers, Kyra and Sebastian’s union and strength of character will be put to the ultimate test. The stakes? Everything and everyone that ever mattered to them

*Now you can get the complete story with all three books-in-one, including additional chapters.

A flash snapped near her right ear, and she turned to see what it was. Another flash to the left. Tiny flashes everywhere, like lightning bugs exploding. She jerked her head and jumped.

Sebastian tightened his hold on her hand. “Don’t worry. You’ve been through this many times. It’s Mystic’s―the carnival. She’s getting ready to change.”

Kyra paused and stared at him, a wrinkle in her forehead. “What do you mean, change?”

“You’re about to find out.” He pulled her closer, wrapping his arm around her waist. Studied her with concern brewing in his dark, sultry eyes. “How are you dealing with the knowledge that you’re a dragon shifter?”

“I don’t know. I feel like it should bother me, and yet…” She paused, peered down at her hand and flexed it. She could almost see it morphing into something scaly with wicked-long nails. Damn, she had a wild imagination. She squinted back toward the flashing lights of the rides. “It’s almost like that’s what’s wrong here. I’m supposed to be a dragon, but I’m not.” She glanced at him. “Does that make sense?”

“In your amusing Kyra-speak, it sorta does.” He rubbed her arm. “I don’t want to alarm you, but this place is full of things of a supernatural nature. Like dragons, but not like dragons at all. Does that make sense?”

Kyra’s lips twisted to the side, and she thought about what he’d said for a moment. “I guess it does. Like you?” she asked. “You’re not a dragon.”

“No, I’m not. Your parents made that abundantly clear.”

The metallic smell grew stronger, and the flashing increased.

“She’s working slow today. Must be giving you a chance to acclimate.”

“Who?” Kyra asked.

“The carnival,” Sebastian said. “Like your people are dragons, and I am not, the carnival is an entity all her own. A rather interesting being, at that.” He admired their surroundings, giving pause to his commentary. “She will move us visitors around the landscape of her domain as she deems necessary. You used to tell me it was a fun challenge, making your way from one place to another when Mystic’s wanted you to go someplace else.” He laughed.

“I bet,” Kyra said, and then everything around them spun in a whirlwind of flashing lights. Kyra stumbled. Sebastian caught her. When the world was once again calm, they were standing in front of the carousel.

“And here we are. Exactly where we need to be. Guess she’s feeling helpful.” Following Talia, Sebastian led Kyra to the ride’s entrance.

Live in reality. Play on the other side.

Debra Kristi is a paranormal and fantasy writer. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children and and three schizophrenic cats. She’s a full-time kid chaser, video game maker’s wife, and muse prompted writer. Unlike the characters she often writes, she is not immortal and her only super power is letting the dishes and laundry pile up. When not writing, Debra is hanging out creating priceless memories with her family, geeking out to science fiction and fantasy television, and tossing around movie quotes.

“She writes because the dead girl told her to.”

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