Meet the Monsters of The Merging Worlds Series

My characters can be viewed as monsters depending on who’s judging them. I enjoy writing demons, monsters, creatures… They grow to embrace their “other” side. Most of the world sees these characters as abominations. They have little trouble killing someone they believe deserves it.

The Del’Praeli are worse. They’re animals in human form. They’d eat people if you let them. Shade did eat a person. School civilized them… on the outside. There are two types of Del’Praeli– the Sciell who have a core as their power source and the regular ones without a core.

The Del’Praeli/Sciell  used to be human but were turned. They’re stronger and slightly less animalistic than those born Del’Praeli. They formed an unlikely bond. They’re now a family.

Tearani Delica and Lafeyette Slaughter
They’re the oldest, in their 80s. They’re like the parents of the family. Lafayette raised his younger brother Vayle. Tearani acts like everyone’s mom. Everyone is afraid of her. As the oldest, they’re the most powerful and the scariest.

They perfected the glare that puts fear in anyone. Tearani and Lafeyette are in a relationship, have been since they were children. They were both abused as children but they embraced that darkness and learned to be a light to others.

They both have many scars. Neither shows off their skin. Tearani and Lafeyette wear long sleeves even in the summer.

Niah Weems
Her guardians raised her to be pretty and delicate. She was more interested in sword fighting and practiced on her own in secret. She’s the best fighter in the group. She also makes a living as a traveling dancer.

Niah used to bully Shade when they were children. As she got older, she learned to show compassion. Now, she treats Shade like her little sister. Niah is the curvy one of the family. She hates the attention she gets. She wears flowing clothes to hide her figure.

Vayle Slaughter
Five years younger than his brother Lafeyette and the same age as Niah. He’s the most prone to violence especially when it comes to Niah and Shade. He helped raise Shade. Vayle and Shade aren’t blood siblings but they treat each other like they’re related. Vayle’s mouth can get pretty foul, to the horror of his little sister. He and Niah exchange insults for fun.

Vayle had a period where he didn’t like Shade. He used to protect her, that was his job. She stopped needing him for that. Vayle didn’t know what to do with himself. He resented Shade from growing up. It took awhile but he repaired their relationship and found a new purpose.

Xurice Altor
He’s smart, like really smart. Most of family finds him annoying sometimes because he can be arrogant about his intelligence. They go to him whenever they have a problem they can’t solve. He’s four years younger than Vayle and Niah.

When he was younger, he worshiped Vayle and Lafeyette because he didn’t believe he was anything special. He grew out of that. He’s the calm one of the group. It takes a lot to get him to fly into a rage.

Shade Harrellite
Vayle and Lafeyette’s little sister. She’s the baby of the group and keeps everyone from being too serious. She’s a force to be reckoned with when she gets serious.

Most Del’Praeli/Sciell have one core. Shade has four rolled into one unusually large core. This means, despite being the youngest, she’s almost as powerful asTearani and Lafeyette.  Shade is the only one related to the original Sciell. Shade’s discovering she enjoys teaching others about life and their powers.

These characters a very different from where they started in Book 1. 3 books and several years matured them, helped them find out who they really are and what they want. I never go into a story thinking this character will grow up to be this. I bring the characters to life then watch them grow and form relationships.