My First Radio Interview!

On Friday, I did my first radio/podcast interview and it was a lot of fun! I met the show’s hosts, Lissha and Mz Toni, at The Harlem Book Fair.

The nerves kicked in the day of the interview. I did a ton of research on being a guest on a podcast and tried not to imagine all the things that could go wrong.

My biggest concern was background noise. Brooklyn, NY is noisy. On any day, I’ll have a band practicing in the apartment above mine, children stomping back and forth next door, my dog barking because someone got too close to my apartment, subway train passing, people chatting in the hallway…

See noisy.

Fortunately, my building was unusually quiet during the interview, except for the trains. I never really appreciated how often those things passes my building. The train sounds didn’t come through on the recording.

The interview was great. I had a blast. The nerves were still there but they weren’t screaming at me. It’s always fun talking about writing and publishing.

Check out my interview on Let’s Chat!

I also realized I never listed the services I offer. I work through my publisher, Aubey LLC. You can go there to find out more and contact me.

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