Guest Post: Don’t Mess With Madame Lilly by Katara Johnson

What’s Up Dark Treasury Readers!!!

I’m Katara Johnson and I am honored to be back with you again.

This episode I would like to introduce you to an amazing five book, paranormal/horror series of Madame Lilly. I will be discussing the first two books in this masterpiece. These five books of horror are by my author friend Dormaine G. She was a semifinalist in Amazon’s suspense/horror award in 2015.

Book one starts off by explaining how Odara grew up as a creole woman of color in the 1860s. Very few people at that time knew of her family’s history of the females gifted in Vodou to the point where they can bring forth a reign of horror, terror and destruction. Odara falls in love with a financial powerful White man named Henry. They have a common-law marriage (basically, she is his mistress) and Odara lives what is seemingly a good life for a colored woman at that time. However, from the minute they started their “arrangement” he started to abuse her mentally, physically and sexually. After 12 years of abuse and a second miscarriage, Odara slowly transformed into a woman scorned to the highest degree thus was born Madame Lilly the powerful voodoo priestess.

Book 2 highlights Madam Lilly’s transformation into her dark side. With sacrificial rituals, she brings forth two powerful entities that torture and destroy all who is in Madam Lilly’s way. However, there is another powerful entity that is trying to stop her war of destruction path and takes back into time when her great grandmother was living but will that help calm her dark side? Well, read the whole series to find out!

Alright Peeps, here is the Amazon link where you can begin your Madam Lilly experience (and other books by Dormaine G):

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