All I Need is A Camera, A Book and A Nice View

A couple of years ago, my Mom wanted to hang out. She asked me where I wanted to go. My answer was, “I’d like to go someplace where I can take some nice pictures.” That’s pretty much my answer for almost anything. Give me my camera, a book/journal and an interesting scene and I’m happy. 
Over the weekend, some friends and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge, something I hadn’t done in years. My camera got some good exercise. Too bad the sky didn’t cooperate. This pictures would’ve been epic if we had some interesting clouds. Since I shoot RAW, I was able to give the sky some texture in post.

I’ve seen a million pictures like the one below. I promised myself I wouldn’t take another photo like it. I couldn’t help myself. It’s a nice view.

I brought books with me to photograph them against a nice background. Didn’t work out, though. Too many people on the bridge.