Bookworm Bliss: Enjoying a Good Book and a Nice View

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I always dream that one day I’ll have a writing space with a nice view. I can sit and read for hours. Get some good writing and designing in. Take my camera out every now and then. Don’t know how that dream will come true, though. I want a nature-y view. I also don’t want to live someplace where I have to drive everywhere.

Got a taste of the dream over the weekend. Had to do a bit a traveling though. Oreo and I want to the Tarrytown River Walk.

When I saw the view, my first thought was to find a nice a spot and read. Which I did. Of cources, I got some photography in.

I decided to practice composition while shooting this bridge.

This is an okay shot but it’s not unique.

Every now and then, I took a break from reading to find a nice angle to capture this bridge.

That gazebo I settled in to read while eating lunch made a nice frame.

So did some trees.

I also tried photographing it behind some things:

As I’m going through my photos, I realized I wasn’t paying attention to my settings. Most of my photos are dark and hazy. They require more editing than usual.

As you’re photographing, pay attention to your settings. Shoot RAW. Fixing any problems becomes much easier. Instead of shooting a subject straight on, walk around and see if you can come at it from a different angle. Pull out a good book and just enjoy the atmosphere.


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