There’s something exciting about being able to capture history. Being a writer and photographer makes it possible. Since I live in New York, I’ve been able to photograph different movements from Occupy Wall Street to Black Live Matter.

Last weekend, I participated in the  2018 Women’s March. They took place across the country. Fortunately, one was in New York.

A lot of people showed up.

I mean a lot.

In New York, you learn to deal with being uncomfortably close to people. This was something special.

Just getting to the march was an adventure. Barricades were all over the place.

I saw the march but I, and most people, couldn’t figure out how to get to it. Eventually, we found our way. Because there were so many people there, it took awhile, and some slow walking, to get on the main route. My back and legs were not happy with me.

It was nice to see a lot of kid, some had signs.

This was my favorite sign.

“You know it’s bad when even introverts are out.” Awesome.

Here are some other great signs:

I don’t know if other artists feel this way but I often enjoy sitting back and just soaking up the atmosphere.

I feel so inspired and energized afterward.

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