4 Haunting Podcasts to Listen to Today

I’m in a horror mood all year round but there’s something special about October. I can go all out. Most years, I binge creepy books or horror movies. I “discovered” Ghost Adventures and I’ve been binging it on Hulu all month. Listening to Mr. Nightmare on Youtube provides some interesting background noise.

Mostly, I’ve been listening to some seriously twisted podcasts.

I used to think only Apple users could listen to podcasts since people only talk about iTunes. Then, I searched Google Play and found Podcast Addict. I can’t compare it to iTunes because I don’t use that app. But, I love Podcast Addict. It searches iTunes, among other places, for podcasts.

Want to get into the Halloween mood? Listen to these 4 podcasts.

The Simply Scary Podcast
I was doing laundry one day listening to Season 1 episode 14 of The Simply Scary Podcast. The narrator was deep in the story, using a nice chilling voice. He hit one scene and I thought, what in the world am I listening to? Not in a bad way. The story was messed up but so good. It’s difficult for me to find a good dark story podcast. The ones I’ve listened to had weird stories, not the good kind of weird.

Haunted Places
If you’ve followed this blog, you know I love digging into real haunted locations. Their’s something fascinating about them and you learn a bit of history. Haunted Places talks about…haunted places around the world. It does so in story form which I love. I listened to another podcast where the host interviewed experts about haunted places. Didn’t care for that format. I prefer listening to stories.

Weird Darkness
This podcast is similar in format to Haunted Places except it doesn’t just talk about ghostly or demonic topics. One story was about a twisted serial killer. It was messed up.

Beyond Your Nightmare
This one focuses on the paranormal in general, not just places. One episode was about mirrors. Another, black-eyed children.

Got any horror podcasts you want to add? Comment below.