Haunted Review: An Entertaining Horror Docu-Drama on Netflix

Anyone else happy Netflix lets you download shows and movies? I was traveling by Amtrak over the weekend. The train has WiFi but it’s not great. You can check your email or Instagram but you can’t stream movies. I usually go on Netflix and Amazon to see what kind of movies or shows I could download.

I saw Haunted on Netflix. It sounded like Paranormal Witness. I did a reviewed on that show ages ago. It’s one of my favorites. I don’t think it airs anymore. Pity. 
In Haunted, “real” people sit around with family and friends to talk about a paranormal experience they’ve been having. 
These stories supposed to be true, just like Paranormal Witness. Now, I don’t particularly care if these stories are true or not. I’m not going to dig into the background and then get mad at Netflix when I find out things have been embellished. This isn’t a review about whether or not I believe the tales actually happen.
I enjoy listing to and watching “real” paranormal stories because I like the idea that they could be true. The stories are often entertaining. 
In Haunted, people were in a room telling the stories while said stories were also reenacted. Not like a voiceover. Mostly, the show would cut away from the room to a movie-style reenactment. The dramatization was well done. They didn’t look like low-budget B-movie stuff. 
This show was just like Paranormal Witness expect the people aren’t talking to someone off camera. They’re, often for the first time, telling their experience to family and friends, who asked questions, expressed some opinion or told their side. No skeptics jumped up to say this was all in your head.  It was an interesting way of doing things. I was a bit put off by the roundtable format at first but it quickly grew on me. 
In one story, a female talked about how she was haunted as a child and how she kept going to her mother who, in typical horror movie fashion, dismissed her story. The mom was in the room and often tried to tell her side of the story, why she dismissed her daughter’s claims. It didn’t turn into a fight, though. That would’ve been really irritating. 
Interestingly enough, in most cases, the paranormal event wasn’t resolved. They ended the episode with people saying this was still going on and I don’t know how to stop it. I liked that. 
Most of the episodes were about ghost or demons but not all. One was about two girls growing up in the house of a serial killer. Some demonic stuff came in at the end but the main focus of the story was about their dad being a murderer.  
Season 1 is only 6 episodes, which was kind of annoying but not so much that I wouldn’t watch season 2. The stories were entertaining and they weren’t so horrible that they put me off. If you like shows like Paranormal Witness or The Haunted, you should check out Haunted