Leap Year 2020 Blog Hop

How Will You Spend Your Extra Day This Leap Year?

Authors have several jobs, writer, editor, marketer, designer, business owner…I’m getting tired just thinking about it. And that’s often on top of the one that pays the bills.  Sometimes we wish for an extra 24 hours just to get all of our work done. Well, 2020 is a leap year so, we do get an extra day. What would you do with an extra 24 hours?

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find more inspiration from my favorite #Gr8Blogs about how they’ll celebrate a year with an extra day.

Fortunately, this lead day falls on a Saturday or I’d be spending part of my extra 24 hours at work. I was going to write this nice post about all the writerly stuff I’d get done. Then, I decided to be honest with myself.

I’m an introvert who works 45-50 hours a week at a job that requires me to constantly talk to people. Most of you know, for introverts, social interactions drain us and we need time alone to recharge. Honestly, I’d spend part of my extra day reading manga or playing video games on my Switch. Pretty much anything that’ll help me recharge and get ready for next week.

Maybe I’d go hiking in the Hudson Valley.

I’d bring a journal and write while enjoying a nice view and the silence. Living in Brooklyn for almost 11 years made me really, really appreciate nature with no noise and no crowds. But, I do have to be careful. I had to hike alone on an empty trail in the middle of the woods to get this view.

Which is why I’m looking to adopt a protecto-dog. My current dog, Oreo, is only 20 pounds. She makes a lot of noise but she can’t really protect me out on the trail. She’s also 12 and can’t handle certain terrain.

Instead of hiking, I could spend that extra day finding shelters to stalk. I’m learning it’s best to hang out a shelters whenever you can. They don’t list most of their dogs online and you may arrive just in time to find your new furry partner.

I don’t have a specific breed of dog in mind. I’d like one that’ll grow to be between 40- 60 pounds.

If I’m staying inside to relax, I may get some designing in, once I take a break from gaming.

This was a lot of fun to make. It’s also not finished.

I also used to do things like this:

I may spend the extra 24 hours creating more blades or epic fantasy landscapes out of stock photos.

Eventually, I’d get some writing in. I’m working on 3 stories. 2 are in the editing stage. One is in its second draft. 2 are part of the Mergingig Worlds series: Eaters of Darkness and The Sciells Legacy: Book 4 of The Merging Worlds Series.  One is a book of photos: To Other Worlds.

I’d work on my schedule. Write down release dates. Create a few promo images for social media. Maybe do an animated cover or 2.  Eaters of Darkness is looking at a March release date and will be free for the first few months. To Other Worlds feels like a good spring book.

When I was in college,  I used to write stories to make myself feel better. Writing was my way of expressing emotions, dreaming while awake. Most of my published stories came from me pouring my feelings into the keyboard.

But, writing stopped being entirely fun when I started publishing my books. I may create a separate post about how to bring the fun back into your writing. I definitely need some help with that.

I had thought, years ago, about turning my love of design into a service but I trashed that idea. Designing is fun. Turning it into a business will remove some of that enjoyment.


I think I may need 2 or 3 extra days.

It’s fun to see the unique ways people enjoy spending time. What will you do with your extra day? Please share in the comment section. But before you go… click over to more #Gr8Blogs for smiles and inspiration for your gift of time.

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12 thoughts on “How Will You Spend Your Extra Day This Leap Year?

  1. That sounds like a very busy extra day indeed, Auden! But wonderful food for thought. For me, I would go with the hiking trip in the Hudson Valley, and then hang out at some dog shelters afterwards. And a pizza. I would definitely treat myself to a pizza for dinner after all that. Whichever you choose, best wishes for a wonderful Leap Day! ? ? ❤️

    1. It's funny you mention pizza, James. That's usually how I end my day trips to the Hudson Valley. NY has some amazing pizza.

  2. As a fellow introvert, I can relate! All your suggestions sound wonderful. Hope you enjoy the special day whatever you choose!

  3. I am an extrovert, I cannot personally relate. However, my best friend is an introvert so I can see how too many interactions affects her. All your suggestions sound great, I hope you enjoy your extra however you choose, and have a chance to recharge.

  4. Auden, Ambivert, but even I'd be tired of talking to people 50 hours a week. Your walk along the Hudson sounds delightful, and your protector dog would love it, too. You had me laughing here thinking 2 or 3 extra days would also be nice -:D. Enjoy your well-deserved downtime!

    1. Don't know how I'd fit most of that into one day. I could spend all day just hiking. Walking along the Hudson is amazing.

  5. Admire all you do, Auden. You are one hardworking talented lady.
    I hope you'll get to do some of the things on your list. Especially, finding your furry , protective friend.
    I know what you mean when you talked about creating. Once it turns into a business, it turns in to work, which you don't need more. I hope you keep creating and having fun with it. Again, you are so talented.

    I wish you the best Leap Day, Auden. You deserve it.

  6. As a fellow introvert and nature lover, I can't go passed the hike in the Hudson Valley and searching for that new soul companion at the shelters. Needless to say a bit of writing squeezed in there somewhere would be awesome too. Whatever, you decide, enjoy but don't over do it and exhaust yourself, relax and have fun.

  7. I am a mix of half intovert, half extrovert. I am a teacher so I am surrounded every day but I love it….most days. However when it's summer and on the weekends, I am happiest when I am home. My hubby and I are both nature lovers and we go on rides, hikes etc a lot, especially in warm weather. Enjoy you extra day! Sounds like it's going to be a busy one.

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