Fantasy Landscape Ideas for World Building

Searching fantasy land maps and artwork on Pinterest is my go-to for world-building inspiration It can be easy to limit your imagination to things realistic to our world. I’ve done it enough times when writing. In fantasy, anything can be possible and I love seeing artwork take that to heart. I have several Pinterest boards dedicated to otherworldly settings. I’m currently obsessed with fluorescent and unique colored plants. It’s fantasy, my forests don’t need to be green.

Not too long ago I started using Inkarnate for mapmaking. Before, I was creating fantasy lands in Photoshop. I talked about it in the post Creating Fictional World Maps with Inkarnate. When I’m stressed, it’s good to dive into a fantasy map or two. I created most of these as a way to relax. For some, like the sky city, I had a vision in my head so I took to Inkarnate to see if I could bring it to life.

A good image can jump-start your muse. Here are a few fantasy landscapes to inspire you if you’re stuck in your world-building journey.

I highly recommend collecting fantasy images while world-building. Keep them in whatever app you feel comfortable with. I use Pinterest now. When I first started writing, I used to put them in Word docs. Some, I printed out and placed them all on my wall. These images not only help me better picture my world but they’re also good reminders. Don’t limit my imagination.

For more inspiration, visit my fantasy photography page.

Fantasy Forest Landscape

If you’re building a world for a book or campaign, check out this guide and my world-building templates for tips and questions to ask yourself as you’re creating fantasy cities, towns, races and more.