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Are you looking for horror in your fantasy novel? The Sullied Home is Book 3 in my adult fantasy book series. Kiran has moved to Massort, one of the most haunted cities in the world. It’s a gold mine for paranormal investigators. The Sullied Home is on sale for Halloween. It’s $.99 for a limited time.

adult dark fantasy book series

A cursed land in a haunted city.

Massort was a city where Others didn’t have to pretend to be human. Where different communities lived beside each other without issue. It was also the most haunted city in the country. Paranormal catastrophes were common. Spirits roamed the streets like everyday citizens.

It wasn’t the best place for a newly trained Sensitive like Kiran Ava, but she was intrigued when her partner started a paranormal investigation business in Massort. What kind of unique Others would she meet?

They first needed to solve the curse of their home base. Any team who tried to purify Yumith failed. Every member either disappeared or was chased away. What evil possessed the land? Could they solve this case when the team argued constantly? Would the business fail before it got started?

This is book 3 of the Other Investigator series. You can enjoy this story without having read the previous books.


Heavy footsteps raced past her door. Grabbing her emergency bag, Kiran poked out her head. A chill walked icy fingers up and down her arms. A figure stood about two doors down. Its features were too blurry to make out. Kiran stepped into the hallway. She slipped off her bracelet and wrapped it around her first and second fingers. Kiran wasn’t going anywhere unless she wanted to. She built a safe room around her mind.

“Do you want to talk to me?”

The air tasted like fear.

The blur trembled.

“How can I help?”

The floor rose around it like a gaping mouth and swallowed the figure. The wood bent and rose as though made of liquid. A shapeless mass with wooden skin filled the hallway.


The word came at her in chanting whispers from several voices. All in worship and admiration.

Kiran strengthened the safe room around her mind. Running was pointless. Yelling for help would scare the spirit. Kiran pulled her radio out of her emergency bag, turned it on and clipped it to her belt. She formed ward symbols with her fingers. She reached level twenty. Her body throbbed in pain. The spirit remained. Power gathered behind her eyes. She didn’t want to rip it apart.

The figure disappeared and reappeared closer. It looked human now except it had four arms and eyes that glowed like flashlights. A red cloak covered most of its body. Crooked horns jutted from its hood-covered head. Its power was like a heavy weight trying to crush Kiran, squeezing air out of her body. Its energy had hands that ripped open Kiran and pulled out everything warm. She didn’t feel in danger, though, just overwhelmed by its power. A little girl clutched its side.

Adult Fantasy Book Series Horror

Books 1 and 2 in this adult fantasy book series are also on sale for $.99 for a limited time.

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