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Title: The Sciell: The Merging Worlds Series #1
Author: Auden Johnson
Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Aubey LLC
Publish Date: March 2014
Format: ebook and paperback
Page count: 387

Tagline: Darkness isn’t evil. Just angry


Shade Harrellite tries to find herself beyond the bullied half-breed. After 5 years of pretending to be human, she returns to her hidden village, Raesul, a home that was never her home, only be punished for breaking the rules. She’s banished for a month.

Vayle Slaughter, her adopted brother and protector, leaves with her. He’s one of the most powerful Del’Praeli in the village. To him, keeping Shade safe and happy is his only job. But she doesn’t need him the way she used to. He doesn’t have a purpose if he’s not her protector.

Soon, Del’Praeli begin to act more violent, more like animals. Some escape to human cities to feed. Someone behind the scenes is helping Darkness take over Raesul and letting these new monsters loose on the world.

Somehow, Shade and Vayle aren’t affected. They soon uncover the dark lies behind their village. They unravel the twisted truths behind their pasts and powers. Maybe Raesul’s destruction will show them their true selves. Darkness is changing. The world will suffer.

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Praise for The Sciell

“I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a darker plot. It’s an interesting plot that moves at a steady pace and I’m sure as the series progresses it will only get better.” (Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock)

“The characters are well drawn and are definitely not carbon copies of each other. They each have their own voices, their own stories, and their own drives. The interactions between them, good and bad, give the reader a feel for them.” (Straight from the Library)

“The world-building in this story was great. You really get a sense of the classes, and sort of the political schematic of the world” (Unabridged Andra)

“The tale follows the familiar formula of the coming-of-age tale as it reveals its secrets, but it does so with a welcome sense of enthusiasm.” (Kirkus Review)

“I loved Vayle’s character, his love for his adoptive sister really shown through even with the discrimination he suffered because of it.” (Readers’ Favorite)

“The Sciell it’s an original book that grabbed my attention and left me wanting to read more!!” (Romorror Fan Girl)

“The Sciell “draws on popular monster-fantasy tropes similar to those seen in the works of Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris and others. It includes more modern terminology and ideas than other books of its type, which makes its setting a bit more distinctive.” Kirkus Review

About the Author

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As a kid, Auden created her own books by folding several construction papers in half and stapling them down the middle, adding her own illustrations. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get away from writing. She holds a B.A. in English, a M.S. in Library and Information Science, a M.S. in Publishing Digital and Print and she studied Creative Writing in England. She currently lives in New York with her dog Oreo. She’s written several short stories and novellas as well as three novels in her Merging Worlds Series. She’s also written a world building guide.