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Next week is Social Media Week where experts get together to discuss current trends in Social Media. It takes place all over the world and, more importantly, most of the panels are free to attend. I heard about this through my professors but had been unable to go the past two years because of work and school. Since now I have a relatively free calendar, I can attend the panels. I already registered for four and I’m on the lookout for more! I mean, they are free.

ÑLiterature Unbound: Radical Strategies for Social Literature

“This panel talks to a broad mix of those pushing for literary evolution–new ways of creating, packaging and sharing words. From collaborative creation engines like to social clipping services like Findings, these new venues prove that while the containers for literary works are changing, they are offering readers and writers many promising new possibilities to connect.”

ÑInnovative Ways to Build Community Around Books

“Join four publishing industry marketers as they discuss specific ways social media is helping them promote books — and what the changes may mean for publishers, authors and readers.”

ÑPicture This: How Brands Are Using Image-Based Services

“This conversation will focus on how companies can best use photo-based platforms as a way to convey their point of view and build communities, as well as inspire, create loyalty, and drive conversion. It will also cover the front runners, how to ramp up engagement from users, and will discuss innovative ideas for what’s on the horizon.”

 ÑNeed a Job? Know Social Media’s Gift and Curse

“The panel will focus on how social media affects the job search process, common mistakes most candidates make with personal profiles, and the best ways to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.”

I am so looking forward to this. Those are some great panels but I’m gonna be greedy. There’s one more I’d love to go to but it’s sold out. It’s Getting Published and Beyond in the 21st Century. There are a few others as well. I’ve been checking the website regularly in hopes a spot opens but if not, I’m good. I anticipate downloading some great information. Of course, I’ll share with you. This is gonna be fun! Now, what am I going to wear?


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