The Woman in Black

This is the type of horror I love! It’s subtle- more focused on atmosphere and characters. The Woman in Black is like literary horror on the big screen. I could almost imagine how a classic horror author would write every scene and how beautiful and chilling each description would be. 
I love horror that makes you think.The movie didn’t explain much but gave you hints through documents and dialogues. It’s up to the viewer to put the pieces together. They didn’t do the work for us. The ending was classic ghost story type ending. It was left to the viewers’ interpretation. I wanted them to keep going but it would’ve ruined the movie.

There weren’t many drawn out dialogues between characters but each scene was done in a way that wasn’t boring. Everything was put there for a reason- to advance the story. The Woman in Black wasn’t big. It didn’t have a climatic explosion but it still had me riveted right until the end. 

I was kind of hoping this would be the horror movie to scare me but, it wasn’t. I had moments where I jumped but I didn’t find it that scary. Being a lifelong horror fan, it gets kind of old- horror movies tend to look the same but, the way they handled this ghost story was brilliant. I couldn’t predict what would happen next.

We all know Daniel Radcliffe is a great actor and he was amazing in this movie.

Why can’t they make more horror movies like this? From the reviews I’ve read, a lot of people loved it. So, why is it we get more gory horror movies than ones that are more atmospheric and character driven?

My only issue, it has nothing to do with the movie itself- since it’s PG-13, there were a lot of teenagers screaming and laughing loudly and unnecessarily. It was annoying at first but, towards the middle, I was so into the movie, I stopped noticing. 


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