Then Suddenly…

So, I finally got a job yesterday! Okay, finally is a bit stretching it. I’ve only been unemployed since January. I know people who’ve been out of work for over a year. Strong people. Only 7 months and I was reaching my breaking point.

The forbearance period for one of my student loans had passed. Sallie Mae was expecting me to pay $50 a month and had no problem calling both my phones (yes I have a land line) twice a day whenever I was late making a payment. They even tried to send me text reminders. Nipped that one in the butt.

On top of that, Great Lakes, the lender responsible for my grad school loans, sent me a bill. I thought Sallie Mae was the devil turns out, there’s someone much worse. I took out four loans with Great Lakes. The payment for all four loans adds up to $1,111 a month. Seriously? That’s almost as much as my rent!

And, I was playing something similar to Russian Roulette with my bills, not my rent though. They could turn off my lights, gas, phone and internet but as long as I have a roof over my head, I’m good. It never came to that though. Thank God. I was the ultimate cliche. The starving artist living in Brooklyn. People say “starving artist” like it’s a badge of honor. It’s highly overrated.

Then suddenly, I got a call from an employment agency I sent my resume to. Went in, filled out paperwork and the next day I get a call saying they have a 4 month assignment for me- working with old books. Pure Awesomeness! And, the hours are a blessing. I work 2-10pm so I can still do my Social Media thing in the morning and since I love the night anyway, I can write once I get home. I’m excited.

3 thoughts on “Then Suddenly…

  1. Congrats, Auden! That's great news. And I'm so glad you get to work with books. How appropriate!

  2. Something needs to be done with these busInesses that handle student loans. Seems to be unfair busIness practices on those who need loans to get a higher education. Glad you got a job. All else will fall into place.

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