Total Awesomeness…Well, Not Total

A massive helping of excitement plus an ounce of fear makes for one nerve shattering adventure and an awesome story.

My mother had a book signing over the weekend. It was her first big signing so that ounce of fear was spread evenly throughout the family. She sold 44 copies of her book Finding Me…Again?! Awesomeness.

More awesomeness. This week, I’ll be attending my first conference.

“Technology Advanced Publishing. TAP! is a cutting-edge training conference pushing new limits in digital content creation, publishing, marketing and monetizing. The who’s who in this new emerging space will share case studies and technical how-to sessions that will help you bring your digital publishing project to life. TAP! is designed for creatives and management alike – sessions cover both practical tools and techniques as well as strategy and vision.

The conference is designed for professionals involved in the migration of content to computers, tablets and smartphones who seek cutting edge training to maximize the digital publishing trend.” (TAP!)

Top it off, it’s in Orlando. Three nights of warm weather, yay. I’m looking forward to this. However, a network event to an introvert like myself is like riping my fingernails off.

No matter how many times I throw myself into a crowd, I’m uncomfortable. I leave drained and feeling more than a little inadequate. Networking is essential but that knowledge doesn’t magically transform me into someone who can talk to anyone, anywhere.

I’ve been reading Networking for People Who Hate Networking: A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the Underconnected. It hasn’t made me feel more relaxed but it does have good tips.

I’m letting the warm weather, my hotel and the awesome conference sessions ease the nerves…mostly. Did I mention the hotel.

Will tell you all about it 🙂

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  1. Keep at it and it'll get easier. Congrats to your mom! So you got the writing bug from somewhere! 🙂

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