I’ve been hearing rumors about Fox bring 24 back. I was like, what’s 24 without Jack Bauer? I mean, the last season Jack had to leave the country. And then I saw the 24 Super Bowl ad.

Jack is back! I can’t wait! Fox is really stepping up their game. I stopped watching regular TV because there was nothing on, but Fox now has some awesome shows. And now their adding 24. Well played Fox.

24: Live Another Day starts May. Doesn’t look like it’ll be a full season. More like a 12 episode event. I’m not complaining. It’s 24.

Here’s more about the show.

Fox teases Jack Bauer’s return with ’24: Live Another Day’ Super Bowl ad

Also, we got our first look at Transformers: Age of Extinction. I’mma be honest without you, when I heard there would be an entirely new cast, I was …done. I’m not as excited about this one. The trailer looks kinda epic, though. Who knows, I might end up seeing it. I’m on the fence right now. What do you think about the fourth Transformers movie?

On a unrelated note, I wanted my book, The Sciell, to come out on a Tuesday. Turns out March 10, the release date, is a Monday. Don’t know how I made that mistake. The Sciell will be released March 11, instead.


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