Gorgeous Fall Colors

Published by audenjohnson on

It’s amazing watching leaves change color. I never knew there were stages of color change. I took this picture at the end of September- the beginning of fall.

 Took this picture Saturday. Amazing how the colors and different lighting can change a picture.

Don’t know if these leave changed color or if they’re always pink. Fits into fall though.

Here are pics I took in the park and around my neighborhood.

This tree looks like something out of a horror movie. Never saw branches like these. Looks like they could hurt someone.

We had a full moon over the weekend. I love taking pictures of the moon.

 I’m just stunned at how awesome my zoom is. Yeah, I’m bragging. My camera’s awesome.

Now, I need to figure out what I’m going to do with all my pictures. I have thousands of them on my computer. I don’t do much with them besides share them on social media. Would like to make money off my pictures. Applied to get them on iStock to sell them as stock photos. That didn’t work out. Searching for another option.

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