It Finally Feels Like Spring

I’m finally out of winter coats. I’ve never been so happy for 60 degrees. It’s so warm outside! Of course, I enjoyed it by taking pictures at Prospect Park.

It was so good to see all the animals. They seemed to be celebrating the warm weather as well. Never saw so many at once before.

Even the swans were out.

And I saw animals I didn’t even know were in the park. How amazing is that? Been going to the park for awhile and still taking pictures of new animals.

I don’t even know what this is. The head just looks strange.

Never saw a bird with these kinds of colors.

I was sitting near the water when I spotted a small bird well away from me. I was going to ignore it because it looked like a regular bird. Good thing I changed my mind. Didn’t know it was yellow until I zoomed in on it.

I usually don’t take pictures of the geese because I have a ton of them already. But, I had fun capturing these moments.

This one is my pride. It also was’t planned. I was on my way out of the park when I spotted a group of geese. I walked over there to look. I wasn’t going to take any pictures. Then, I changed my mind and decided to pull out my camera. This happened just as I pointed my camera.

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