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    World-Building Inspiration: Macro Nature Photography

    She didn’t know how she got small enough to use a mushroom as a house. The answer sat on the edge of her memory but no matter how hard she concentrated, it wouldn’t move within reach. It has been years, maybe centuries. She watched the tall people grow up and grow old. She never changed. She screamed for their attention but her small voice never touched them. She climbed a tree but something stopped them from hearing her cries for help. But, that was years ago. It wasn’t supposed to matter anymore. Maybe the stories were true. Maybe the people underground did make you remember unpleasant things. She was close…

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    Spring Macro Photography

    I stumbled onto some little spring treasures on my walk with Oreo. Flowers are pretty in general, especially during the spring when they’re everywhere. But, it’s more interesting to find unusual ones. My neighborhood has a lot of red and yellow tulips so when I see other colors, I get excited. Photographing these flowers straight on creates a beautiful shot. Beautiful but boring. Fortunately, no one was on the sidewalk at the time so I didn’t have to worry about being in people’s way. I parked myself in front of those flowers, got as close to them as I could and experimented. Sometimes, a straight-on photo will work if I…

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    Spring Photos and A Story

    “Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence. Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance. Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence. Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.” –Yoko Ono Flowers swayed as they walked by. Tree branches brushed their arms. The tall grass wound around their legs. The entire forest was alive and it wanted them. Lyov Ness stretched his arms over his head. Sleeping all winter left his body stiff. His mind tried. The cold months trapped him in dreams full of fear and soul deep pain. This bright world released him.  “Spring is the best,” Vira Nin said, cracking her neck. Her slim fingers danced over a purple…

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    Spring Inspiration in Photos

    Feels like forever since I did a season inspiration post. I’m so happy it’s spring. One of my favorite seasons. The weather is supposed to be mild. It’s not. We’re living in 40 degrees here in New York. Last week, we hit 70. I want that back. It’s April. I should be putting away my winter clothes. Still, I braved the cold to take some nature shots. The flowers are beautiful despite the weather. These shots look like something out of a fairy tale! I only like pink when it’s on flowers… or mixed with black. “Springtime flowers bloom like colorful arrows piercing their way to the sun.” Terri Guillemets…

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    Photography is Life: Architecture

    I usually stick to nature photography, but recently I’ve branched into taking shots of architecture. I prefer old buildings, ones with some history and personality. I’ve also been taking pictures of ordinary objects that are a bit different. I’ve never seen a silver fire hydrant and I love the way its shadow is positioned I can’t wait to travel to different places so I can add to my architecture collection. Nature photography is still my first love and it’s spring. Look out for my flower shots! Find me on: DeviantArt Flickr Shutterstock

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    Photography is Life: Spring in Winter

    We had beautiful weather over the weekend. Perfect for walking to the park with my dog, Oreo, and my new camera! I’ve been trying to sell more of my pictures on Shutterstock but they keep getting rejected. First I has exposure problems. I took a Lynda.com course and read a few articles. I generally don’t have that problem anymore. But, the subject is too soft when viewed at 100%. It’s a problem with my camera. I started “serious” photography with a Canon Powershot. It takes amazing pictures, but they’re only perfect for sharing on social media. Since I want to sell my photos as stock images, I needed an upgrade.…

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    Final Summer Inspiration

    *Sigh*. Summer’s over. Well, not over officially but most of us see Labor Day as the end of summer. At least that killer cold doesn’t hit until November, for New York anyway. Fall is beautiful. All is not lost. Got some great pics this summer!

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    Writing Inspiration from Nature

    A few photos for your inspiration! Walking around the park flexes my world building muscles. My park just added pedal boats and bike rental. Prospect Park is stepping up their game. Last year, they expanded the park interior and add a splash pad, skating rink and a restaurant. I’ve seen these types of birds around a lot. Good inspiration for a fantasy creature. An animal that’s mostly one color with a small strip of some bright color. I see squirrels so often, I forgot how cute they are. I can see these three as backgrounds for image quotes. I work way too much. I need to relax and just enjoy…

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    Colors of Spirng

    This weather needs to stop playing with my emotions. We’re finally seeing the back of winter yet we can’t get a good couple of days of warm weather. Saturday was a beautiful 75 degrees. Then Sunday came and the temperature dropped to 57. Seriously?! Anyway, as usual, I enjoyed the brief warm weather by taking pictures. I’m still trying to figure out what else I can do with my pictures. I take hundreds of them and they just sit on my computer. Trees are blooming. As you can image, my neighborhood smells amazing. Halfway to the park, I realized I didn’t take any allergy medicine. Fortunately, I didn’t have any…

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    It Finally Feels Like Spring

    I’m finally out of winter coats. I’ve never been so happy for 60 degrees. It’s so warm outside! Of course, I enjoyed it by taking pictures at Prospect Park. It was so good to see all the animals. They seemed to be celebrating the warm weather as well. Never saw so many at once before. Even the swans were out. And I saw animals I didn’t even know were in the park. How amazing is that? Been going to the park for awhile and still taking pictures of new animals. I don’t even know what this is. The head just looks strange. Never saw a bird with these kinds of…