The Week In Links 4/17/15: The Hugo Hijack, AvenGerbils, Writing Life, New Movie Trailers & more!

io9: Two Authors Withdraw Their Work From This Year’s Hugo Awards I’ve been following what’s happening with the Hugo Awards. I don’t understand people sometimes.

“For those of you coming to this late, Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies are part of an organized backlash that aims to combat what they see as “affirmative action” in Hugo voting, which has led to a marked increase in diversity among nominees and winners in recent years.” This wasn’t their only reason for them hijacking the awards. 

The Connie Willis. Net Blog Why I Won’t Be a Presenter at the Hugo Awards This Year

The Daily Beast: Right-Wing Trolls Hijack SciFi Oscars
Gollancz Blog: Blending Fantasy and Mystery: A Guest Post by Charlaine Harris
The Guardian: Feeding the Hunger – female writers are storming the male citadels of sci-fi
Fantasy Cafe: Women in SF&F Month: Wendy from The BiblioSanctum Historical Worldbuilding: A Conversation with Kameron Hurley and Ken Liu

Writing and Publishing
Digital Pubbing: A Look at Interactive Ebooks
dbw: Penguin Random House Puts Ebooks on Trains
Kaylin Tristano: Storyteller vs Writer
The Writer Practice: Why You’re Not Writing
The Book Designer: 15 Essential Time-saving Tools for Busy Writers
Phyllis Zimbler Miller: Evaluating Amazon Book Promo Campaigns
PW: London Book Fair 2015: Self-Publishing Smashes Through– the state of self-publishing in 2015, and what the future holds
Nashoba Publishing: Diversity lives—for books likely to be censored