Dark Twisted Fate: Story and Giveaway Part 3

It’s week 3 of #DarkTwistedFate. You decided how the story ends. If you’ve joined for the first time, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

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Clicking her tongue, Va turned and headed for the door. Kiran was more than happy to follow her this time. She walked too slowly. Kiran wanted miles between them and this building.

A humming rose. Mom’s song. Kiran stopped.

Child Kiran stood beside Mom. She smelled of dira flowers and shima oil. The family blade sat across her lap. She held her hand over it. Black and yellow smoke poured from her palms, surrounding the sword. That blade would be his one day. He gripped Mom’s dress. She smiled at him, humming.

The song turned into a scream.

Mom disappeared. Darkness remained. The scream attacked his skull like a spiked terist horn. He slapped his hands over his ears. Cool liquid met his hands. He stuffed it back into his ears. Maybe that would stop the scream’s sickening assault. He pushed the liquid. It didn’t protect him. The scream pierced behind his eyes. It wove through his skin like a sewing needle. He felt it everywhere.

That monster, Vikramma, defiled Mom’s song. Kiran stopped covering his ears. The beast savaged his warmest and last memory of Mom. Blood ran out of Kiran’s ears like water. It leaked from his eyes. He let it.

He represented the Neeals and the Kas. He’d make his lost family and his new family proud.

The darkness disappeared. The blood soak entrance hall appeared. The scream assaulted.

A frown disturbed Vikramma’s once haughty expression.

Kiran was on his hands and knees. Va petted his head. Warm waves eased the pain still moving through his body. Va’s mouth moved. He couldn’t hear her. She was facing Vikramma.

The scream died.

“If we bow before you, we cannot stand in front of our families,” Va said.

Vikramma was a Lyall. His kind enslaved humans. They took the demon’s home, power and freedom. They poisoned both worlds with their insatiable plants and animals. They could never destroy a demon’s pride.

Human shaped shadows flowed into the room. Dozens of them milled into the hall like late party guests. The air buzzed with garbled chatter. Their shadow feet floated over the carnage. The gore disappeared.

Their bodies of darkness became more solid as they inhaled the humans’ remains. 

Va stepped back. She never retreated. What were these beasts?

“I’ve heard stories.” Va grabbed him arm, hauling Kiran to his feet. “Those things are supposed to be a myth.” She stepped toward the door.

A robed figure almost as tall as the room floated it. Wind disturbed the fabric though no breeze penetrated the room. No solid body was under that robe though skeletal arms stuck out of the sleeves. The hood was pulled tight around its misshapen head. No feet fell out the bottom the robe. 

The two children shivered behind Vikramma who eyes were wide. The color left his face. What sort of beasts were these creatures that even a Lyall was afraid of them?
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