Dark Twisted Fate: Game and Giveaway Part 2

Welcome again to #DarkTwistedFate- a dark fantasy story perfect for Halloween. You decide what happens next. If you’ve entered this dark world for the first time, enjoy PART 1 before continuing.

Results are in and “ask the male who he is” won. Enjoy Part 2 and vote for what happens next!

“Who are you?” Va demanded louder than necessary.

Her voice lingered.

The male lifted his eyebrow. “Why do you think you can talk to me like that?”

“Why are you here?” Va snapped.

The male stood. Even from a distance, Kiran could tell he was taller than normal.

“Again, why do you think you can talk to me like that? I am Slaven lah Vikramma. You shall call me Miinous Vikramma.”

The air burned Kiran’s nose and the back of his throat. Vikramma’s eyes went from black to violet and back to silver.

Miinous? Kiran’s heart stuttered. Va swore. She stepped in front of Kiran, shielding him from the monster. Vikramma was one of them. Lyalls ruled the world. Kiran never had the misfortune of seeing one. The stories demons told about them— slavery, torture of the mind and body, killing for sport, partial possession for fun.

Kiran would admit it. He was afraid. Va pressed her back to him. He was grateful for her height. He shouldn’t need protection. Kiran wasn’t so ashamed of it to step from behind her. They protected each other.

Va was all horns and poisonous fangs.

Kiran used to imagine the kind of monsters that enslaved the world. He never thought they’d be so average looking.

“Why do you know of us?” Va asked.

Vikramma regarded them as if determining their mental state. He smelled like well-seasoned rare meat. The creature’s eyes, simple silver eyes. They locked onto Kiran. Invisible hands touched Kiran in places he could never clean. Those eyes poured filth into his soul.

When the Lyalls took over, they grabbed all the worlds’ powers for themselves. Demons couldn’t form attacks without spells and potions. Kiran and Va only bought with them small magic imbued weapons. This was supposed to be a simple yet annoying party.

Kiran removed the blue bladed dagger from its holster.

“Of course I know of the last Neeal and the foolish demon clan that took him in. I don’t understand why our leaders let you live. Your family’s grab for power, Kiran, was more bothersome than expected. We killed them all to ensure no one acted above themselves.”

Kiran felt insects infect his spine at the sound of his name in the monster’s voice.

One of the children, a pink haired female, skipped to the Vikramma. She gripped his pants leg.

“Can we keep them?” she pointed at Kiran and Va.

The male patted her head. “No, they’re dirty. I’ll find you a nice human you can play with.”

She folded her face. “Humans break too easily. Demons last longer.”

“That they do,” the male grumbled.

Kiran didn’t for care the route this conversation took. He pulled Va’s arm, guiding her toward the door. Va let him lead her.

The male cleared his throat. “That beast killed my prey. Find it and bring it here for my sister. You can have your blood.”

Va stiffened. How did Vikramma know what Va was after? What would happen if they refused?

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