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You’ve probably heard about this– authors are using Twitter and Instagram to distribute stories. They also use it to write books one tiny piece at a time. This speaks to the trend of readers wanting to get behind the curtain in the making of a book. It’s like “Writing, Uncut.”

Authors are turning Twitter into a literary genre, 140 characters at a time

Telling a Strange Love Story, Post by Post on Instagram
R.L. Stine Writes An Entire Short Story On Twitter Called ‘What’s In My Sandwich?’

It’s a fascinating concept. It’s interesting watching other authors make social media work for them in a new way. I’ve started writing short shorts for Twitter and Instagram and I’m seeing mixed results. When I share my nature photos on Twitter and Instagram, I add a mini story.

I usually do a short version on Twitter and a longer version on Instagram.

I made up these stories on the spot. They aren’t related to any book I’m writing–though that would be a good idea. As you can see, I get more interaction on Instagram than Twitter, probably because Instagram is best for my pictures. Posts on Instagram have a longer life and more hashtags.

I haven’t seen the huge interaction as talked about in the above articles but these stories are fun to write and they get consistent engagement on Instagram. They’re a good way to exercise your writing muscles. They add something different to my Twitter activity besides sharing links. I might get more interaction if I do a series. I’ll need to plan that out.

Have you written any stories on Twitter and/or Instagram?


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