Most of my writing is done in Word, Evernote and a Character Planner app but I still love journals. I used them more often in the past but my writing style changed. If inspiration hits me while on the go, I open my note taking app. Even so, I feel strange leaving my apartment without a journal on me. Paperchase is my favorite brand. Their covers are works of art.

I never use the pocket in the back but I love that it’s there.

Some journal even have beautiful interiors. A Harry Potter journal I own has a crest at the top of each page. It gets in the way but it’s so pretty.

At this point, I buy journals to add to my collection. It’s unlikely I’ll actually use them all. I do try to write something in them but I rarely fill them up. I’ll probably do more journaling once I get back to writing Book 4 of The Merging Worlds series.

Is anyone else as obsessed with journals as I am?

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